Splash Up

There I am thinking "How am I going to get a new background and theme to this 'ere site. I want a new theme and really kick this thing off by the end of the summer holidays (incidentally it means no travel plans!). So there I am thinking what mac freeware is there to use for picture editing.

I was racking my brains for an app that I could either use in VMware as a Windows app or a download either a windows or Mac app. So ancient in my thinking. Web 2.0 really has thrown a wealth of opportunity and availability fr this arena.

SplashUp is taken from the SketchUp name (I would imagine) and is marvellous. A lite weight version of Paint.net where you can use layering and magic wand to edit and add elements. Brilliant! Of I go then and edit the image without having to downoad or install.